Sector Focus

  • Input supply
  • Export & Trade
  • Storage & Warehousing
  • Transportation & Logistics

Investing in Value Chain Development

Input Supply

While road infrastructure is strong in select provinces , many farmers and businesses  lack access to transportation and freight services.

Storage & Processing

Large scale farmers and smallholders alike suffer from lack of consistent access to fertilizers, seeds, and equipment.

Sales & Marketing

Import/export markets are not sufficiently utilized because many businesses lack relationships.  

Transportation & Logistics

Domestic price volatility hurts producers, who can benefit from warehouses and storage facilities to market their produce effectively.

Value Added Investing

Majority Stakes

By taking majority stakes in smaller companies, value can be created through better risk mitigation, thoughtful executive leadership, introduction of strong corporate governance practices, and exploration of long term exit strategies.

High Growth SME Opportunities

Outsized returns are found by looking beyond well-capitalized and highly sought after corporates and multinationals. This involves an on-the-ground presence, knowledge of consumer behavior, and strong understanding of the business landscape.

Government Relations

While most businesses struggle to get the necessary licenses and permits from the government, we can expedite the process through our relationships within federal, state, and municipal offices.

In the Media

Terra Limpa was the 1st Place winner of the Morgan Stanley 2016 International Sustainable Investing Challenge.

Investing in businesses that can drive growth, enable new investment, and build agricultural markets in Angola.

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